What garden designers photograph on holiday: Part 2

I made a whistle-stop tour of Rome last week…here are some of the highlights of my day and a half of aimless wandering ….

Trevi Fountain

Watery things – well the Italians certainly know how to create a splash.

There are no end of watery attractions in the city but the amazing Trevi Fountain takes the biscuit.  It was not at all what I expected, tacked, as it is, onto the back of a building in a cramped piazza, but oh, I could have spent hours taking in all the detail (if the crowds hadn’t caused me to retreat rapidly).

Food – all food, any food, but especially the fruit and salads.  This is a typical market stall in the Campo de Fiori in the old town  – and not a shrink wrapped expanded polystyrene tray in sight.

Pines – especially the distinctive parasol of Pinus pinea, the stone pine.  These statuesque trees where everywhere in the city, and their elegant form is complimented by their architectural and tactile bark.  Fantastic tree.

Potted plants (1) – I love to see now different folk treat the mundanities of life, in this case, the bins.  Look carefully between the potted plants in this residential Via and you will just see the array of bins… and a shady bench…

Potted plants (2) – OK, box balls as statement plants I am familiar with … but as parking bollards?

Potted plants (3)…or Food – whatever the category, I love the welcoming atmosphere of this salami shop.  And as for the artisan bakeries, their shop windows were works of art …  I shall never be able to see Greggs the Bakers in the same light!

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