Watch out for Honey Fungus!

Recently I spotted a serious infestation of Honey Fungus (Armillaria) in the corner of a client’s garden in Kinross. Looking over the back fence it was clear where it had come from as the public grass area alongside a footpath was pretty much covered with more fruiting bodies spreading out from a decaying Sycamore stump. I brought samples of fruiting bodies home for analysis and all the ID factors checked out. This is a major problem and will impact our development plans for the garden – not good news for the client.

I wanted to be sure that the mushrooms (fungal fruiting bodies) in the garden were indeed those of Honey Fungus, as all sorts of mushrooms can be found in lawns and borders at this time of year and most are not harmful to plants.

I checked the RHS website for information on identifying factors and carried out a spore test, just to be sure. If you think you might have Honey Fungus in your garden click the link above to find out more and, once you are sure, to complete the RHS Honey Fungus Hunt survey.

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