“Thanks for all your help – we absolutely love the garden now – it continues to bring us joy on a daily basis. Every single day there’s something new or different and I’m constantly pulling my partner out to see what’s happened today. I think we’ve spent more time in the garden this year than in the last 5! “ (comments from an email written during the COVID 19 lockdown).

Garden/planting design client, Perthshire (2020)

I first met Belinda back in 2011 when she designed my Abernethy garden fabulously. Here we are in 2019 having moved to an exceedingly boring new build garden and we knew she would be the person to tackle it. The brief to Belinda was ” to create an outside room with plants”.  The design so compliments the house and has made it seem twice the size. As always, the hard landscaping and planting is meticulously thought through and will be easy to maintain. We are absolutely delighted with the end result…a big thank you”
G Boardman, Kinross (2019)

Thank you so much for all this info Belinda! The links are very useful and the photos with captions are a brilliant way to suggest what I might do to bring the garden back under control and make it more interesting. Huge thanks for setting me on the path to a more rewarding garden!”

Consultancy client, Muckhart (2019)

“Thank you very much for advising and helping us on Friday, we finished the planting yesterday. The garden looks absolutely wonderful with your great design, Lee’s (Creating Eden Ltd) groundworks and the beautiful plants. It’s an amazing transformation…it’s such a pleasure sitting on the bench with a glass of wine, looking over the plants, knowing that they are all where they are for a reason and that it will look even better as time goes on.”

G & R Taylor, Falkirk (2019)

“We were delighted to be introduced to Creating Eden Ltd by Shades of Green Garden Design and loved working with Lee Atkinson and his team to produce the garden we had been planning with Belinda for some time.  The project was finished on time, within our original budget and the final result was even better than we first imagined. We could not be more pleased.”

J & J Ivinson, Blebocraigs (2018)

“I have read through your report and looked at the links. It’s all very useful and with your words of advice I’m feeling much more positive…Having you over to talk it through has really helped me to see the garden differently and it felt great to have a plan in my head and start the process today. I really feel that I am starting to ‘garden’ rather than just faff about with weeds! And about time too!”

Consultancy client, Gartmore (2018)

“Thank you for helping us create a garden we can enjoy and be proud of. You helped us organise our thoughts and steered us carefully through the process. We went much further in our imaginations with your knowledge and experience behind us, yet we feel we have ended up with something that is ‘ours’ rather than a garden that a designer has imposed on us. I woke up this morning waiting for the sun to come up so I could go into the garden and look at everything again. I love it!”

Garden/planting design client, Fife (2018)

“(Belinda is) A very thorough planner and listen’s to one’s needs. (She is an) Excellent communicator, and knowledgeable”

A. Keith, Kinross (2018)

“Very responsive to our needs.  Provided a holistic approach to our garden design that we believe will stand the test of time and provide us with a garden that we can enjoy for years to come.”

H. Jones, Kinross (2018)

“At last our garden is a space to relax in and enjoy, thanks to Belinda. We were listened to and, at times, challenged. The result was a considered design that more than delivered on the brief. What we didn’t expect was being nudged to learn more and get involved with our garden in a way that we now love.”

S. Bishop, Falkirk (2018)

“It is quite clear from Belinda’a approach to designing gardens that she is extremely knowledgeable about her profession. Equally as the client I felt very much involved in all the stages of planning. When it did become a bit overwhelming Belinda was very good at giving all the practical advice to put it all into perspective again. Donald’s (Kare Gardens Ltd, landscape contractor) standard of work cannot be faulted. Another aspect I have really enjoyed has the the joint planting with Belinda. I feel that I have learnt a great deal about my garden and (received) top tips from Belinda.”  

E Lietchi, Scone (2017)

“My experience with Shades of Green is very positive – Belinda listens, plans, checks and implements. She sticks to the timescale and budget originally agreed. I have no hesitation in recommending this firm and would certainly return if the need arose.”
J Wilson, Kingskettle (2017)

 “…Just to say a big thank you for your recommendations. I love them. As well as the ideas I also like the format a lot – handwritten over photos – so easy to work with! I think my husband is amazed at my renewed enthusiasm. I just feel that I’ve regained my confidence and focus to move forward.” 

Consultancy client, Aberdour (2017)

“Our new garden is fantastic. Belinda’s professional knowledge (&) imagination coupled with an ability to listen to what we wanted has produced a wonderful garden. She has efficiently worked behind the scenes on our behalf, is reasonable and transparent in her costings, commands respect from the landscaper, has a keen eye for detail and communicated both with myself and the landscaper very promptly. We highly recommend Shades of Green Garden Design.”

S & C Watson, Broughty Ferry (2016)

“Belinda was very easy to work with. We liked the payment system which involved paying the (ongoing consultancy fee) on a monthly basis. I would recommend this company.”

Garden & planting design client, Perth & Kinross (2016)

“Thank you, Belinda, for tranforming our once bare, un-inspiring garden into a stunning, practical and safe environment for our family.  It is hard to believe that it is the same garden.  From start to finish you were a pleasure to work with and your skills from the design to the project management were first class.  Everything ran smoothly and went to plan, even in the middle of winter. Thank you also for recommending Kare Gardens Ltd as the contractor as you couldn’t have got anyone better. I will be recommending your services to any friends and family when they need work done on their garden.”

K & E Simpson, Dollar (2015)

“The site was tricky, with many different levels. I had rough ideas about the structure of the garden but Belinda’s detailed design has very successfully worked with the challenging landscape and now we have a superb garden to relax in and enjoy.  I like the attention to detail in planning (and) the service has been first class.”

R & W Wallis, Balmullo (2014)

“Belinda helped us turn our fairly vague thoughts on what we wanted for our garden into a clear plan and helped us through the potentially tricky part of making sure we had the right contractors to do the hard landscaping on a demanding site. The planting plans were beautifully presented adn the planting itself was brilliantly organised. The garden we have now is a joy which we could not have realised without Belinda’s help and sound professional advice.”

J & L McWilliam, Carnbo (2014)

“Belinda’s initial suggestions allowed me to begin to improve an overgrown and rather neglected garden, which ultimately led to an almost complete refurbishment of the rear garden.  As the garden has evolved new design ideas were offered and incorporated and the planting design was an essential part of creating an new garden which will be a joy for years to come.”

J. A. MacLeod, St. Andrews (2013)

“Just a quick email to thank you for all your help and advice, it was much appreciated and certainly gave me plenty of enthusiasm….the Shoot database looks quite cool and should keep me on my toes… “

I. Keir, Braco (2013)

“Belinda has an amazing gift and enthusiasm for garden design, plants & gardening in general.  I had a design in mind and, after a few conversations, she used this as a basis for a garden she knew I REALLY wanted  – she is very intuitive and very easy to work with.  Her fees are transparent and affordable.  She is mindful of any budget and the work done us is very professional.  The landscaper she recommended was excellent (Lee Atkinson, Creating Eden).  Above all, she gave me a garden which I love and which everyone who has seen it, admires.”

J. Miller, Kinross (2013)

“This was a major project carried out very successfully with great efficiency.  I will always be grateful we made that first telephone call to you last year!”

J. Robb, Kinross (2013)

“Choosing Shades of Green has been a gardening success.  Belinda was able to interpret a number of vague ideas and convert them into a cohesive plan.  She was efficient, responsive and very easy to work with and we now have a new garden layout which fully meets the result we were looking for. Over the coming years we will derive great pleasure watching the garden develop and mature.”

I. Lorimer, St. Andrews (2012)

“Belinda has worked wonders with our garden. She took the time to find out what we wanted from the site via a straightforward fact find process.  The plan reflected this and subsequent discussions, as was very easy to follow. Belinda saw the whole process through from planning, to plant selection and planting; working closely with us and the contractors to ensure a successful conclusion. A thoroughly bespoke service, with clear and affordable fees, and we are delighted with the results … I love the way the design uses the slope of the garden to good effect.  It helps the garden flow, and screens areas that I want to draw the eye away from.”

D. Brattesani, Glenfoot (2012)

“Belinda was able to translate very woolly, loose ideas of what we wanted our garden to look like into practical reality.”

M. Jeffrey, Dunning (2012)

“I consider that I was very lucky to have found your website and you. Looking out on the garden today, even though the weather is dull and dreary, it looks fabulous.  When I bought the house I thought that something could be done with garden but you, along with Donald (Kare Gardens Ltd, landscape contractor), have created more than ‘something’.  Your friendly professionalism, depth of knowledge and enthusiasm has made such an excellent job of a tricky site … I look forward to the spring and more planting!”

G. Boardman, Abernethy (2011)

“Belinda has an amazing gift and enthusiasm for garden design, plants and gardening in general. I had a design in mind and after a few conversations she used this a basis for the garden she knew I really wanted – she is very intuitive and very easy to work with. Her fees are transparent and affordable, she is mindful of any budget and the work done is very professional.  The landscaper she recommended was excellent. Above all, she has given me a garden I love and one the everyone who has seen it admires.”

J. Miller, Kinross (2011)

“I picked Shades of Green entirely at random through a Google search and have never regretted it. At our first meeting Belinda immediately understood the style of garden that I wanted and throughout she has helped me achieve that, not only in the design, but also in the choice of planting for our difficult soil. At the outset our garden was a mess and we made remarkable progress relatively quickly due to Belinda’a solid and knowledgable guidance.  She saw things clearly from the beginning and advised us accordingly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Shades of Green to anyone wishing to improve their garden even in a small way.”

M. Napper, Errol (2011)

“Belinda was always pleasant & was obviously committed to providing 100% satisfaction. She was enthusiastic about the creation of the garden – clearly her designing, plant selection & planting were more than just routine work. She always responded immediately to messages left on her phone.”

P. Holmes, Dunblane (2011)

“Easy to work with, flexible, listens, good communication & graphics, within budget set”

J. Robin, Aberuthven (2011)

“I am delighted with all aspects of the design and planting. My garden looks wonderful thanks to you and Donald (Kare Gardens Ltd, landscape contractor). It has already been much admired and the plants are thriving.  Thanks so much again for a garden I can enjoy for years to come.”

S. Freckleton, Nr. Falkirk (2011)

“Belinda provides a fantastic professional garden design service. She gave great thought to our requirements and provided expert guidance. The result is a wonderful bespoke garden which totally meets our requirements.”

G. Wilkie, Dundee (2009)

“We are delighted with the outcome. This garden needed a radical solution and we would not have had the courage to tackle it without the insight and support from Belinda. It has been transformed.”

F. Logue, Dunfermline (2009)

“It was a pleasure to work with Belinda on the plans for my garden. She quickly understood what I was looking for, and translated our many conversations and walks around the garden into a inspirational design. She presented the plans on time and to budget and helpfully recommended contractors for aspects of the work that I could not undertake myself. Drawing up these designs has been a worthwhile investment, and will reward my children and I with a wonderful garden to relax in.”

J. Thomas, Nr. Selkirk (2009)

“Thank you for all the work you have done in planning our new front garden. I have found the whole process interesting and enjoyable, as you listened carefully to my preferences and guided me tactfully towards what will work. What we like most about the planting is that is looks quite dramatic and modern, without being full of gimmicks and hard land-scaping. The front garden now creates a distinctive and welcoming approach to the house.”

M Robertson, Kelso (2009)

“Your service is exactly what I was looking for.  You listened to my requirements and your design is just what I wanted for my garden.  Without your advice I would never have painted the fence black – it looks great!”

G Davidson, Kinross (2009)

“Belinda runs a very personal garden design business.  She is prepared to listen to customer’s ideas but is also assertive and experienced enough to point out any downsides to those ideas.  Belinda is qualified, has good plant knowledge and practical experience of a plant’s robustness for the local climate.  Her charging is very fair and she has good timekeeping.  In summary, she is an ideal garden designer.”

M Hookham, Kinross (2009)

“We presented Belinda with a challenging garden which has a wonderful open aspect but as a result is often windswept.  The garden required careful planning to retain the views but also to provide some shelter to allow us to enjoy the garden.  Belinda has been wonderfully creative, producing very original ideas, but above all she really listened to what we wanted and worked with us to produce a fantastic result.”

V & E Findlay, Balado (2008)

“After visiting our garden Belinda compiled a very comprehensive report that included everything we had talked about during her visit.  The report provided drawings and photos of the garden with ideas and suggestions, relevant extracts from books, web links and local contacts that have been very helpful.  Belinda has helped us to focus our ideas and has provided us with great advice to start us off in our mission to turn our wilderness into a garden!”

G Logan, Crail (2008)

“The planting sessions I spend with Belinda were relaxed and informative. Her interest in plants is infectious and clearly evident.  The service I received from Shades of Green was very professional in all aspects.”

S Garden, Perth (2008)