Summer Projects 2019

I have been as busy as ever this year, juggling new and ongoing projects with my charity work for The Uphill Trust.

The big project for the first half of the year was the design, construction and planting of a small garden for a lovely existing client who had moved house once again. I first met Gill in 2010 when she invited me to redesign the rather bland garden of the home she had just moved into in Abernethy.

Having downsized once again, she and her partner wanted me to help them to create a plant-filled but relatively easy-care, outdoor room-style,  garden that they could enjoy together when not travelling. The project was great fun and was expertly constructed by Creating Eden Ltd. You can find the story of this ‘quart into a pint pot’ build here: New Build Garden in Kinross (2019).

Whilst the design work was being finalised for the Kinross garden, planting was going on in a garden in Cupar. Following a winter build, the new trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials were delivered and planted with the help of the client and the Creating Eden team.

This garden surrounds a stone villa and had received little attention over the past two decades. With their children grown up and retirement on the horizon, the clients decided it was time to upgrade their garden as they would soon have more leisure time to spend at home. 

Throughout the spring and summer months new clients were also being seen and several clients commissioned a full garden of their gardens. One of these projects is on a large sloping site outside St Andrews and is awaiting construction over the winter.

This rural garden is typical of the large ‘blank canvas’ field sites that come my way from time to time, although the slope and the strong prevailing winds made this project a little more challenging to design, with shelterbelt planting being a key feature!

This is what I saw on my first visit to the site in early March…

Along with design work, and the numerous one-off client consultations that fill up my diary from February to October, I was delighted to be asked back to two gardens that I worked on in the last couple of years. One garden was in need of some maintenance advice, although the dense planting in most of the borders was doing a great job at keeping the weeds at bay!

The other garden visit this summer was an invitation to ‘come for tea and see how lovely the garden is looking’  following construction and planting in 2018 – how could I refuse!

You can see more photographs of this garden transformation, once again expertly constructed by Creating Eden Ltd here: Private Rear Garden  (2018).

I get great pleasure helping clients to transform their outdoor spaces into ones that they can love and enjoy, and it is always a privilege to be asked back to see how things are getting on.

Now, it is back to work, where another design project awaits and plant lists need to be checked and sent off the the trade nursery, amongst other things…

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