Garden Design


Initial Consultation Meeting

This usually take place at your home, with the Initial Consultation providing an opportunity to assess your garden and to discuss ideas. After the Initial Consultation you will receive a Proposal letter/email which will outline the main details of our discussions, along with the proposed fee basis for the work.  Further clarification of ideas and costs are welcomed at this stage. To proceed with the design process you will be asked to return a signed copy of the Client Agreement Form. There is a charge of £125 (plus travel charge)for the Initial Consultation. At present all garden design work is being conducted on an Ongoing Consultancy basis.


Site Survey & Analysis

The Site Survey & Analysis provides a detailed picture of your garden and forms the basis for the ensuing design. During the Site Survey accurate measurements will be taken of the garden and its boundaries. Detailed Site Analysis notes are also taken about the aspect of the garden, its soil conditions, changes in level, any utilities crossing the garden and any site access restrictions. For many Shades of Green Garden Design projects a Professional Survey will be required. A quotation from a reputable local landscape survey firm will be provided after the Initial Meeting, if desired.


Garden Design Phase: Stage One

The first plan that you will see is the Concept Plan, a provisional computer-generated or hand-drawn outline plan showing the main usage areas along with ideas for shapes and structures to be incorporated into the final design. Further consultation at this stage ensures that the design fully meets your needs and that you are happy with the garden style and the materials that are being proposed. Changes to the proposed plan are easy to accomodate at this stage in the design process.


Garden Design Phase: Stage Two

At the end of the design phase you will receive the Final Layout Plan. Cross sections and/or 3D views may also be included, depending on the site and on the plan details agreed at the concept plan stage. A Contractor Pack can be provided to guide quotes from landscape contactors. Construction details and plant specifications are not included in the Final Layout Plan but these can be prepared for an additional fee, if they are required. Planting specifications are not normally prepared until the garden is under construction. For gardens being constructed with one of the two landscape contractors that I have worked with long term, simple plans are often all that is required.


Implementing the Design

The Garden Designer is often involved in monitoring the implementation phase of the design, whether this is being carried out by specialist contractors or by the clients themselves. Fees for the Project Implementation Service are charged at the current hourly rate and fall due once the construction phase has been completed. Project Implementation fees can also be invoiced monthly. You can then either plant the garden yourself or, if you have requested a Planting Plan ,plants of the appropriate size can be sourced and delivered from specialist nurseries and set out into their designated positions. Quotes for Planting Supply can be provided once the Planting Plan has been completed. Planting is often carried out by the main landscape contractor, under the supervision of the designer, although clients are encourage to help with this process.