Garden Design

This is the service to choose if you are looking to make major changes in your garden. Garden Design is a bespoke service involving extensive client consultation and resulting in the development of professionally drawn scale plan/s of the new garden which serve as the foundation document for the subsequent landscaping work. A fee of £125 (plus travel charge) applies to the initial design visit and the garden design fee basis will be proposed once the extent of the project is know. Currently all design work is being conducted on an Ongoing Consultancy basis.

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Planting Design

The best combinations of plant colour, texture and form are usually obtained when a garden area is viewed as a whole. The Planting Design service provides you with comprehensive Planting Plans/Planting Recommendations which specify the types, position and numbers of plants for each area of the garden. An online Plant Portfolio on the Shoot Gardening can also provided, containing the botanical and common names of all the plants listed in the Planting Plan, along with their eventual size, season of interest and basic care requirements. Planting Plans can be prepared for single borders or for the whole garden, as required. Plant supply and a setting out service is also available. Planting Design is charged at the current hourly rate, for all work both on and off site. The intial site visit for new planting design clients is charged at £125 (plus travel charge).


Garden Consultancy

This service will provide advice on an existing garden or inital recommendations for a phased garden redesign project. Perhaps you have moved house and are not sure where to start in the garden that you have inherited, or maybe you are looking for ideas to brighten up a particular area of your garden. You may wish to reduce the gardening workload, or perhaps to create more privacy in your garden. Sometimes a third party opinion is all that is takes to stimulate your own ideas, or to focus your mind on what needs to be done, and in what order. The fee for the first Garden Consultation visit is £125 (plus travel charge). Additional visits and detailed recommendations are charged at the current hourly rate. The Garden Consultancy service may not be available during periods of high workload.


Garden Design Implementation

Clients often appreciate the professional expertise that the Garden Designer can offer in finding a suitable landscaper and monitoring the implementation phase of the design, which translates the 2D plans into 3D reality. Shades of Green Garden Design has links with a number of established landscape contractors who can build your garden for you. Periodic site visits are also popular with clients who are developing their garden on a self-build basis. Project Implementation Fees are charge at the current hourly rate.


Garden Coaching

Unfortunately this service is currently unavailable due to high workload.

This is a personalised programme of practical training, allowing you to develop the skills of garden craft and to experience the satisfaction of maintaining and developing your own garden in the years to come. Garden Coaching is charged at the current hourly rate.