Project update (2) 2017

As in 2016, I was unable to start work on new design projects for 2017 until the start of the summer. My commission schedule has been made up of the usual mix of large and small jobs –  and most are now waiting to be constructed over the winter period. These are just some of the projects I have been  juggling during second half of this year:

1. Rural garden in Fife needing an upgrade following house extension 

Garden Plan

A common theme in my garden design portfolio is being contacted after familiar existing garden areas have been lost during the construction of a new extension, leaving clients at a loss how to proceed. 

In this case new planting areas where needed close to the house, along with new outdoor seating areas and a sense of flow throughout the garden. 

Constructed – September 2017; final phase planting – 2018


Garden after redesign

Constructed garden awaiting planting

Garden before

View from new extension before redesign










2. Sloping town garden in Falkirk

Garden Plan

The clients have lived in this traditional terraced house for decades and are keen for the rear garden to reflect the interior decor standard.  They also tired of having to mow a sloping lawn and sit on a wibbly-wobbly terrace.

Sloping gardens with walls on either side are always challenging as the new levels have to tie in to boundary features. Cross sections of the slope can be very helpful when working out new levels, steps and ramps.


Garden before

Dining terrace before redesign

Garden before

View from bottom of garden








This garden is scheduled for construction in December 2017, with planting in the spring of 2018.

3. Suburban garden in Abernethy

Simple garden plan

Some clients want to make changes to their garden within a  restricted budge. In these cases I will often provide very simple plans and pass the work over to an experienced landscape contractor. 

This client wanted to improve her dull rear garden by adding more planting areas and relocating the patio to the area of the garden that gets the evening sun. She is out at work all day and wants a place to relax and unwind in the summer months – somewhere that has a sense of privacy.

Patio with new raised beds

New patio with raised beds

Garden before

Garden before











4. Garden upgrade for rural listed building in Fife

Rural garden plan

Clients with a large rural garden developed over a number of years asked for ideas and help to improve the grassy area at the front of the house.  They knew what they wanted to achieve, but were not sure how to tie the new features into the existing garden structure. The resulting plan was very much a collaborative project in which I acted as facilitator and draughtsman and the clients are looking forward to getting the garden landscaped over winter.


5. Garden redesign following large house extension in Kinross

Simple garden plan

Another client, another garden trashed during house  extension works…

This project has a rather small rear garden with a large extension taking up one third of the area close to the house.  An outdoor seating area is needed along with a more informal, wilder garden at the far end, to be enjoyed from  new sun room in the extension. Access is limited so all excavation work will need to be done by hand – a factor that played a large part in the design and materials choices for the new garden areas. Construction – winter; planting – spring; big party planned – July 2018!

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