Stirlingshire farmhouse garden

  • client contacted me to assist with redevelopment of farmhouse garden & adjacent field
  • project carried out in three phases
  • Phase 1: extending existing planting areas in the farmhouse garden, including better integration of existing cast iron water pump feature into area by patio; extensive planting design work with sourcing & planting by client (2013)
  • Phase 2: layout planning for adjacent field, accomodating existing parking area, patio, solar panel array, sunken sewage tank, vegetable garden & large hen run; poorly drained areas accessed by boardwalks & deck with surrounding bog/damp border planting; large lawn laid & deep borders planted; small orchard area established (2013/14)
  • Phase 3: tranformation of gravelled courtyard area at rear of house (currently a wind tunnel); designed summer 2014; built Jan 2015
  • parts of garden constructed by, & by the clients themselves

Note from designer: I worked with this client on an ongoing consultancy basis over 3 years; the site is approximately 0.5 acre (existing garden plus field being converted into garden); layout & planting design, implementation & planting