Clackmannanshire Farmhouse Garden

  • first contacted by the client to provide planting design plans for newly restored investment property; subsequently the client’s wife called to ask for design & planting advice for their own garden (2009)
  • large garden on one level, with mature trees & hedges, plus attractive pond & deck area close to house created on a DIY basis some years before; remainder of large garden consisted of lumpy lawn with no real features
  • potential for good rural views over River Forth, enhanced by adding farm gate into hedge as focal point (works well from within house as well as outside)
  • large outdoor seating area requested for entertaining & stone available on site so low ‘S’ shaped flat topped wall designed to provide informal seating & to act as attractive feature
  • custom made tree seat creates additional feature & acts as focal point from driveway/parking area
  • upgraded planting recommended for borders by house & to add interest into grassy areas by entrance & along boundaries
  • garden constructed & planted by the clients in 2013

Note from designer: the client phoned me in July 2013 to say that all the garden design work & planting had been completed in time for her daughter’s wedding that summer, and that the garden had been greatly admired by all the guests & was giving them great pleasure