Bridge of Allan potager garden

  • large farmhouse garden in the Carse of Stirling, with wide views towards Stirling Castle & the Wallace Monument
  • open, windy site with some drainage issues plus free-ranging hens & uninvited rabbits
  • clients wanted an ornamental vegetable garden within easy access of the house, based around an existing greenhouse & taking advantage of the views
  • semi-formal layout, based on concentric circles interlocking with a curved main path that leads the eye to the castle view
  • mix of raised beds & ground level planting, plus fruit cages & deep arches for ornamental climbers & trained apple trees
  • sandstone sett paths provide easy-to-clean access around the garden & the small sett size is ideal for forming the curved paths & circular seating area
  • whole area is surrounded by rabbit & chicken-proof fencing, with ornamental farm gates providing access on three sides
  • photographs are from July 2015 – the garden’s first season

Note from designer: The potager garden is just part of the development work carried out in this large farmhouse garden in 2014/15. Other areas include a ‘zen’ courtyard at the back of the house, a plant-filled garden outside the master bedroom patio doors & a large family garden with entertaining area