Walled front garden with drainage issues

  • retired professional couple requested a relatively low maintenance, yet well-planted garden, within a newly built walled area in Clackmannanshire (2007/8)
  • informal layout required, with opportunities provided for exploring and pottering
  • land drains installed at outset & plants suitable for heavy clay soil recommended
  • meandering gravel paths invite exploration
  • dry stream course & polished pebble pool provide additional interest
  • shrubs and small ornamental trees enclose the area
  • strong structural planting in the centre breaks up the space
  • mixed planting provides year-round colour & interest, along with flowers that can be cut for the house
  • gravel & bark mulch help to keep weeds at bay –  spring and autumn maintenance sessions largely keep garden in order now that it is established

“Belinda’s excellent service and ideas have given us a garden which is different from the norm and which gives us daily enjoyment and pleasure.  Belinda listens to her clients and manages to interpret and incorporate these thoughts and ideas into the final design.”