Rural family garden on site of old school yard

  • clients with two young children requested design advice for a renovated older property in Perthshire (2015/16)
  • large sunny courtyard, with geometric pattern of raised lawns & gravel paths around a raised stone well to be converted in to ‘garden for adults’
  • courtyard layout retained but softened by combining areas, adding pathways and siting a summerhouse & patio in one corner
  • low stone wall now separates parking area from the courtyard & a raised herb bed has been built next to the raised well
  • relatively low maintenance planting dominates most areas of courtyard, with one large cottage-garden style border outside living room windoes
  • long wooden boundary fence  stained black, with mirror trellis panels to add a sense of depth in areas of courtyard
  • garden was built by Creating Eden; garden lighting by MGD Electrical

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole garden transformation process and we’re delighted with the results. What an amazing space we have now!” …two months on…“The garden is looking amazing already! It is incredible how quickly things have grown and established themselves. We are truly delighted with how it’s filled out and how it already looks like it’s been there for ages”