blank canvas garden on new estate

  • new-build house with large rear garden: patio, lawn, hard-stand for caravan & rabbit-proof fencing but no other features present
  • client requested layout plan for borders in front & rear gardens, plus planting design, but eventual project incorporated extended patio plus additional seating area & relocation of drying area
  • borders accessible from all sides, to aid maintenance
  • trees needed to provide some screening of neighbouring properties
  • new planting areas will eventually conceal boundary fences & new garden layout softens the space & makes it appear larger
  • 2 planting areas were introduced at the front, with 6 areas in the rear garden providing opportunities for shrubs, small trees, herbaceous perennials & bulbs
  • different planting styles were used in different areas: traditional herbaceous border, woodland, climbers, mixed shrub/perennial, mixed rose/perennial & mixed ornamental grass/perennial to create interest over all seasons
  • spring & summer bulbs provide additional visual interest
  • construction & planting, spring 2011 
  • landscaping work by

“I am particularly happy with the planting design, as many of the plants used are new to me and the link to the online database is very useful”