Ongoing Garden & Planting Design Projects in 2019

Large mature garden in Comrie

(client is in the process of renovating a house with large garden in Comrie and needs guidance to help tackle the existing large trees and shrubs, along with layout advice to make the garden more user-friendly; consultation report and survey estimate provided and awaiting client response, July 2019)

Large mature garden in Muckhart

(consultancy client with an established new-to-her property needed renovation advice for existing over-mature planting plus ideas for improved planting; advice provided in the form of annotated photographs, July 2019)

Planting advice for windy new build site in Fife

(consultancy client needed recommendations for a large gardens surrounding a new home with some challenging steep banks and insufficient planting;  windswept site and rural location with endemic rabbit population reduces the available options; advice provided on site with a summary sent by email after the visit, June 2019)

Mature terraced garden in Newport-on-Tay

(consultancy client requested planting advice for her sheltered garden; majority of plants installed by a previous owner and now too large for the borders; recommendations provided in the form of annotated photographs to guide DIY restoration work, May 2019)

Large rural garden in Aberfeldy

(client initially contacted me for a consultation visit to provide planting recommendations; during the visit it became clear that layout advice was also needed, April 2019; survey commissioned, July 2019; awaiting planning work)

Planting design for a rural garden in Blairhoyle (completed)

(existing client is gifting planting design advice to her daughter who has recently moved into her first home with garden; planting plans plus maintenance advice will be provided for this novice gardener; March 2019; plans delivered for DIY planting, April 2019)

Planting design for small garden in Auchterarder (completed)

(new gardener requested consultation visit to advise on planting to enhance his small garden; recommendations along with plant maintenance advice will be provided for small ground level borders and raised beds; March 2019; planting plans delivered May 2019 for DIY plant supply)

Planting design for rural property in Perthshire

(client is in the process of renovating an old farmhouse and needs both planting advice for existing planting areas plus design advice for a new kitchen garden on an ongoing consultancy basis; March 2019; project extended to include garden layout design, survey commissioned design work underway, summer 2019) 

Steading development garden in Kinross-shire

(clients have recently moved into a rural steady development with small sloping gardens at front and rear laid to grass; drainage and wind are issues and new seating areas area needed to capture the long views and sunsets; easy care planting for a long season of interest also requested; commission accepted and survey completed, March 2019; design plans agreed; clients will find a local contractor) 

Sloping rural garden outside St Andrews

(recently retired clients need help with design and planting for a ‘blank canvas’ garden that slopes down towards the rear of the house; wind protection and drainage issues are high on the agenda, along with provision of seating areas to capture the long views and planting to provide interest throughout the seasons; commission accepted and  survey completed March 2019; design layout agreed along with  contractor estimate, July 2019; awaiting winter build and shelterbelt planting)

Small gardens around new-build home in Kinross (completed)

(existing client has moved house and would like an interesting, but easily managed garden on an unexpectedly sloping site; concept plans for an assumed flat garden have been redesigned to cope with the level changes needed to create useable flat areas in a 10 x 12 m garden area; contractor estimate, March 2019; construction completed and garden planted, May-July 2019)

New-built home on woodland site outside Muckhart

(clients are building a new home in an established mixed woodland and need help with landscape design and eventual garden developement/planting; commission accepted December 2018; awaiting completion of house build before proceeding further in spring 2019; contractor introduced to lay driveway and create seeded perennial meadow, July 2019)

Very small garden in Dunfermline

(existing client gifted garden design with planting recommendations to her sister-in-law; design recommendations for a DIY built provided in January 2019 with planting recommendations to follow later in the year)

Woodland garden in Inverkeithing

(clients live in an upper maisonette with their retired parents below and would like the long, narrow garden to be used by all members of the family; garden contains mature trees and shrubs and has been partly developed by previous owners; advice needed on how to create a natural, woodland-style garden that integrates and/replaces existing features; initial consultation December 2018; planning completed – contractor estimate provided March 2019 but garden now on hold)

Planting design for two new-build gardens in Auchtermuchty (completed)

(existing client has moved house and needs help with planting design and plant supply for their own garden and the adjacent garden owned by their parents; initial consultation October 2018; plant design completed November 2018; plants supplied for DIY planting, May 2019)

Steep garden in Falkirk (completed)

(clients sought advice having seen another Shades of Green garden under development; very steep ground with over-mature planting on both sides of house requires terracing and replanting; garden constructed over summer 2018; planting  completed March 2019)

Farm cottage garden in need of major uplift in Perthshire

(clients have lived in house for 20 years without making major changes to the garden; help sought for layout and planting ideas, including how to garden with 2 hens, 1 dog and 1 cat also on site; initial consultation,  July 2018; garden plan agreed early 2019;  construction began late July and planting design underway)

Layout & planting design for large rural garden in Stirlingshire

(existing client has moved home & wants to update one area of her mature garden, May 2018; layout plans & planting design agreed for DIY build, June 2018; ongoing planting advice being provided for other garden areas, July 2018 and into 2019)

Garden with drainage issues in Thornhill (completed)

(clients recently moved into a relatively new property with significant drainage problems in two parts of the garden; first seen in April 2018 & garden design with drainage solutions ongoing, June/July 2018; planting design delivered and project handed over to clients, April 2019)

Mature garden in Cupar (completed)

(removal of several mature trees has prompted need to re-evaluate garden in the run-up to retirement; initial meeting, April 2018; site survey, May 2018; garden constructed over winter 2018/19; planting design, March 2019; garden planted May 2019)

Mature garden in need of renovation in Falkirk (completed)

(ideas needed to renovate and upgrade a mature garden now that the family have grown up and moved away; initial consultation, February 2018; garden planned May 2018 and constructed in late summer; phase 1 planting completed 2018;  phase 2 planting completed spring 2019)

Cottage garden in Kinross

(existing client about to downsize into a listed cottage with gardens front and rear; some challenges to take into consideration, including underground cellar accessed from patio; initial consultation  & professional survey completed, December 2017; garden planning, February/March 2018; front garden construction completed September, 2018; rear garden construction planned for late 2019 but some planting recommendations requested spring 2019)

Project facilitation for Japanese garden build in conjunction with Japanese Garden Society (Scotland) (2013)

(see blog for more details)