Ongoing Garden & Planting Design Projects in 2018

Mature garden in need of renovation in Falkirk

(ideas needed to renovate and upgrade a mature garden now that the family have grown up and moved away; initial consultation, February 2018)

Large (1.5 acre) garden on rural hilltop in Fife

(clients have spent 4 years clearing the over mature garden wilderness around their new home and have revealed some fabulous long views; now need a garden masterplan for phased development over the next 5 years; initial consultation, February 2018)

New off-grid rural home in Perthshire hills

(landscape plans needed to meeting planning approval conditions for new house on 2.5 acre site in very rural off-grid location; commission accepted, December 2017; plans completed to meet planning permission requirements, February 2018)

Cottage garden in Kinross

(existing client about to downsize into a listed cottage with gardens front and rear; some challenges to take into consideration, including underground cellar accessed from patio; initial consultation  & professional survey completed, December 2017; garden planning ongoing, February 2018)

Garden upgrade for suburban home in Dunblane

(clients have lived in their home for many years & need inspiration to improve their rear garden; commission accepted and professional survey completed October 2017; plans agreed; contractor estimate accepted; built planned for February 2017)

Consultation advice following house improvements in Dundee – completed

(having  renovated their new house to a high standard, clients needed help to tackle the garden areas & awkward level changes; consultation and recommendations, October 2017)

Consultation advice for garden in Kinross

(clients have returned to Scotland after working overseas and need help to upgrade their over-mature garden; pruning advice and planting recommendations provided August 2017;  new borders created & awaiting planting recommendations, February 2018)

Enclosed rear garden in Kinross

(garden redesign needed following large house extension; commission accepted August 2017; design accepted September 2017; contractor estimate accepted November 2017; build December 2017/January 2018; planting design February 2018)

Existing clients moving home x 4

(four clients have been in touch to ask me to keep time free to help them design their new gardens once they move to new homes in the summer/autumn 2017 – after 10 years Shades of Green Garden Design is finally getting repeal business!)

Garden design for new build home in the hills behind Milnathort

(clients need help with landscape and planting design for south-facing 0.5 acre plot surrounding new build house; advice needed as build progresses to ensure hardscape elements close to house meet the clients’ practical and aesthetic needs; project seen end of June 2017 and commission accepted; garden planning over the winter 2017/18)

Garden for listed property in East Fife

(clients seeking help with landscape design and planting solutions for a key area in their large rural garden; commission accepted June 2017; layout plan agreed October 2017;  contractor appointed, December 2017; build planned for spring 2018)

Suburban garden with awkward level changes in Falkirk

(client needs help with layout design and planting for a sloping, narrow, rear garden with uneven paving and over-mature planting; commission accepted June 2017; garden designed and contractor estimate accepted October 2017 ; garden constructed in  January 2018;  planting design completed February 2018)

Large wooded plot surrounding woodman’s cottage in Perthshire

(couple with young children seeking help to upgrade the layout and planting in their rural garden surrounded by mixed woodland; commission accepted April 2017; survey completed June 2017; phase 1 design work completed for DIY landscape build, September 2017)

Garden redesign following house extension near Rosyth

(partially developed garden in rural hamlet with open views; new layout needs garden areas for humans and bees! Commission accepted April 2017;  design completed June 2017; landscaping work & structural planting September 2017; perennial planting design over winter for spring 2018 implementation)

Rural cottage in Perthshire

(design commisson accepted a few years ago but put on hold due to health problems; survey completed July 2016; design currently at concept plan stage; DIY phased build; September 2016 and ongoing into 2017; planting design completed June 2017; DIY landscaping ongoing and planting planned for spring 2018)

Steeply sloping garden in Aberdour

(clients recently retired back to Scotland and bought a fabulous sea view in south Fife – but the garden is a serious challenge. Previously landscaped on a DIY basis, with towering Leylandii hedges and badly pruned mature trees, plus precipitous paths and steps, this garden will need some major renovation work to make is safe and enjoyable for these keen gardeners and their visiting family members; commission accepted, June 2016; phase 1 garden design agreed; construction began end November 2016 – completed  May 2017; planting May-June 2017; phase 2 design work completed with build to follow 2017/18)

Existing client in Glendevon plans to open garden for charity in May 2018

(garden appraisal and top up planting of perennials and bulbs to ensure a good show in early summer next year, 2017; additional planting design requested for large wetland area November 2017;  ongoing garden design project since 2012)

Garden layout and planting design for brand new home in Scone – completed

(clients need help with the large front, side and rear gardens for a new executive home; contractor in place but hardscape layout needs to be planned properly before work begins in mid November 2016; planting design to follow; ongoing consultancy basis September-October 2016; planting completed June 2017)

Small front garden in Scone – completed

(referral from an existing client – keen gardener wants help in creating an abundantly planted, sheltered garden at the front of her house; garden survey completed and ideas being exchanged; July 2016; garden constructed in late winter; planting completed April/May 2017)

Large rural garden in Muckhart – completed

(soon-to-be retired professional couple require advice to upgrade the front garden, driveway and arrival spaces at the front and back doors of their house; work to be phased, with design advice being provided on an ongoing consultancy basis; June 2015 and ongoing; first phase construction completed, January 2016; planting design, May 2016; garden planted June/July 2016)(you can see photos of this project on the blog)

Project facilitation for Japanese garden build in conjunction with Japanese Garden Society (Scotland)

(see blog for more details)