Plants and Cakes

I have been invited to speak to the Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society this evening and they have asked me to address two related topics – how to go about redesigning an established garden, and then, how to put the new ideas into action.

I will be talking through 4 slide presentation case studies in order to demonstrate some of the key principles, but I have also prepared the following summary sheet that they can take away with them at the end of the evening.

It is always fun talking to like-minded gardening souls, and the home baking usually makes the visits well worth while. So, here’s to plants and cakes, two things that make life worth living!


I can report that the cakes were indeed splendid – well done to the expert bakers of Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society. I ate as many as I could in between chatting to folks during the post-talk tea!

At the end of the talk one of my very early consultancy clients spoke to the group about my visit to them 5 years ago and how they are still using my recommendations as a guide to their progressive garden redevelopment. She then sent me the following email:

Feedback is always so good to receive, particularly when one works on one’s own, so I came away from this event with a cosy glow – well worth while turning out on a snowy night!



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