Planting a wetland

Since 2012 I have had the privilege of working in a rural garden in Glendevon. The garden has been developed in phases, with extensive hard and soft landscaping projects in most years.

The client owns a large area of land around the garden and this too is being progressively upgraded. Extensive woodland planting has been undertaken by local firm Eamonn Wall & Co and over past three years a large wetland system, planned by The Paul Hogarth Company, has been under development. Now it is time to plant the wetland…


It is always rewarding to get to grips with a new style of planting, and this will be no exception. Given the size of the areas to be planted, and its rural location, small cell-grown plants will probably be sources from a Scottish supplier, for planting in the spring. The area will probably be newly planted when the garden opens in May for Muckhart Open Gardens 2018, but in future years the wetland will just get better and better.


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